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Changing Lives Through User-Centric Design

I'm a UX Designer creating great digital products through strategic problem-solving, research, and empathy.

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What Colleagues Say

"Austin is a consummate professional who consistently strives to ensure the very best outcomes for all stakeholders and that all commitments are honored. He is incredibly respectful of all viewpoints and his approach ensures that all colleagues feel welcome to participate in project goals. He operates with a growth mindset as he consistently takes a proactive and positive approach to delivering valuable contributions. Austin is committed to excellence and ensures user satisfaction through the incorporation of UX design best practices."

Photo of Tom York

Tom York

Director of Research at WTW
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"I have used Austin on many projects and I have always been extremely satisfied. I also appreciate the extra time he takes to make things perfect. He re-did a website for us and it helped us double our revenue and rebrand the business which added a ton of value when I sold the business."

Photo of Austin Lyon

Austin Lyon

Founder, Wash Me Solar

"His creativity along with his excellent communication cannot be matched. Right out the gate, he took the time to really understand what we wanted to become as a business and made our vision become a reality. He took our ideas and made them better than we could imagine. If you want someone who is dialed in, artsy as hell, and technically sound, look no further."

Photo of Spencer Eyring

Spencer Eyring

CEO,  Eyring Pest
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"I appreciate how he keeps up with design best practices and can speak about them in a way a junior designer, can readily understand. I am very grateful to Austin for assisting me on this UX journey. I definitely consider him one of my mentors and an asset to the design network."

Photo of Amanda Fuller

Amanda Fuller

UX Designer
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Webflow Development


About Me

Photo of Austin Andriese

UX Designer Based In Lehi, UT

I am currently building an industry leading, healthcare shopping experience at WTW.

I’m a loud introvert that is lucky enough to design for a living. I’m a user experience designer because I genuinely care about the user on the other side. I know that good design can change lives and I strive daily to make that a reality. I enjoy working with others, I love learning every day and I am always up for a challenge.

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