The Problem

Shoppers Weren't Empowered To Enroll Online

Our online shopping had no decision support, resulting in shoppers calling in to complete their enrollments over the phone. Enrolling by phone took an average of 4 hours.

Healthcare Shopping Is Complicated

With healthcare costs at an all-time high, personalized coverage was more valuable than ever. Our 22,000 shoppers had 45 days to enroll in coverage. Without proper self-service, our shopping experience left customers confused and overwhelmed.

We created the Pre-Enrollment Assessment to instill confidence by providing decision support for our shoppers.

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The Kickoff

Screenshot of a story mapping excersize done in Miro

Story map stickies & notes

Framing The Problem

My PM and I kicked off the project with a story-mapping session. We wanted to break down user activities, point out dependencies, identify unanswered questions, and brainstorm ideas.

Afterward, I reached out to numerous shareholders to better frame the problem and identify how we are currently addressing similar problems on our Medicare product.

A journey map walking through the new pre-enrollment assessment and all it's entry points

Journey map highlighting all possible entry points to the Assessment

Identifying Dependencies

I started to map out our existing product to select the appropriate place for our new assessment experience and to identify possible dependencies from corresponding teams.

Our journey map brought a lot of early insights and value to my team while also adding clarity when communicating our plans with shareholders.

An early mockup of the pre-enrollment assessment for a single individual, not families

Early mockup for a single individual (Not compatible for families)

Family Shopping Comes With Challenges

I needed to make this assessment relevant and clear for both online shopper agents. Moving from a paper guide to digital, the questions needed to be worded so that agents could read them like a script while still being clear enough for the online shopper to interpret.

I also had the challenge of creating an assessment that the whole family could answer, which required a dynamic design that would scale with larger families while also being suitable for the majority of our users.


User testing scores on a diagram

Graph showing the usability test scores (SUS)

Value vs. Effort Affirmed Through Testing

My goal was to test the usability and understand the user’s perception of ease of completion vs. value provided. The results were outstanding. Over 80% of testers considered it an "Excellent Experience", and the average System Usability Scale (SUS) rating was 76.5.

The qualitative insights gained were the most impactful:

  • Tooltips were needed to better define the questions.
  • The questionnaire was easy to fill out, and users found it a valuable use of their time.
  • The progress bar confused users more than it helped them.

Feedback session on Microsoft Teams

Agents Wanted To Dig Deeper

I conducted early interviews and held a focus group with our agents. The feedback corresponded closely to the testing insights and offered many possible solutions.

  • Go deeper than yes or no questions.
  • List out reasons for the provided recommendation.
  • Add an open text field to list any additional health needs.

The Resolution

Final design of the pre-enrollment assessment

The Pre-Enrollment Assessment MVP

The health summary page of the pre-enrollment assessment

The health summary of the household MVP

My design of the pre-enrollment assessment's recommendation page

The health plan recommendations MVP

The health profile questionnaire future design

The Launch

Online Enrollments Were Sky High

The project is live and has been an enormous success. We laid a strong foundation for plan recommendations and are one step closer to a complete self-service shopping experience.

We have already collected heaps of data and are working to generate complete plan recommendations using data-driven algorithms in the upcoming iterations.

Key Takeaways

  • Collaboration is essential. Calling things out early and getting everyone involved is critical to the success of a project.
  • Being a product expert makes all the difference. Knowing your domain on a deep level helps you discover insights you wouldn't find otherwise.

Austin Andriese

UX Designer @WTW


Global insurance service provider.


Website, Healthcare Coverage E-Commerce Decision Support Tool


Designed the product end-to-end, conducted user research, closely collaborated with developers and external teams.


January 2022 - May 2022

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